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The Hype is Real: 5 PS4 VR Games You Need to Be Pumped About

written by Robin Anderson October 9, 2016
Screenshot from Robinson: the Journey. Robin is standing surrounded by greenery and dinosaurs

With the release date for the PS4 VR quickly approaching, it is absolutely vital to know exactly what you should blow all of your money on. Below is a list of some upcoming VR games that are sure to just blow your socks off – whether you’re prepared to dish out the $400 for the headset or not.

  1. Robinson: The Journey 

In Robinson: The Journey, you’ll find yourself in a beautifully designed dinosaur-filled world in which you play a boy, Robin, who has crash landed with no company except for a relatively sassy floating robot.

      “Robin, your friend has led us into a bit of a situation. Are you ready to play a little game? Okay. The name of the game is ‘let’s not get squashed’.”

This exploration game starts off with the robot waking you up after you crashed onto this planet – the screen then proceeds to flip between him speaking and the flashback of you falling to the planet from what looks like an exploding space station. The robot companion proceeds to inform you with the good news of being separated from your people – you are now the first person to land on an extrasolar planet! Even though this information is supposed to be of some comfort, you are then told to stay put and wait for a rescue party. But since you are a madman who ‘don’t play by no rules’, you ignore the attempted warnings and proceed to open the pod door. The door gently eases open to reveal a vast open landscape with amazingly detailed flora, breathtaking prehistoric dinosaurs soaring through the air, and, by the way, the burning wreckage of the space station you came from.

This is the VR game you are looking for. Move along now.

  1. Farpoint

One small step for Farpoint, one giant leap for first person shooters – because in no other standard game can you get the truly immersive experience that Farpoint provides due to the VR setting. This remarkable game seems to be everything that first person shooters have been trying to accomplish since they were invented. You are the shooter, you are defending your life, and best of all – you are real-world aiming.

The background of the game is, to be vague, something slightly bad happened which just kind of caused the minor inconvenience of you and some of your character’s friends to be teleported across the galaxy to a hostile alien planet. In the trailer, it shows an unknown flying technology that is scanning the surrounding area which appears to become hostile when encountered. So who knows if you are truly alone or if they are remnants of a previous civilization. In any case, you must make your way through the red rocky landscape while defending yourself from creepy flying bug technology and giant arachnids in order to survive. Matt Damon thought he had it bad on Mars – just wait until he gets a load of this!

  1. Batman: Arkham

This mini Batman experience is a must have for any Arkham fan out there. Unfortunately, it is not the full-blown game which we were all hoping for, but I am sure that our wishes will be granted in upcoming releases. Though, for only $20, this game will allow you to BE the Batman. I don’t know about you, but I would definitely dish out $20 to be able to be Batman but still have my parents be alive.

Players of the demo at this year’s San Diego Comic Con described the opening moments of the game with star filled eyes and an uncontained excitement. In the demo, they started off in Wayne Manor where you speak with Alfred before hitting a random combination of piano keys (it is whatever combination you want. You are Batman, so you inherently know the right keys to press) that triggers an elevator that brings you down into the Batcave. Here, you don the famous crime fighting suit and stare into a mirror, where your actual movements are reflected in the game. After the opening scene, you go to a crime scene and inspect the place, put clues together, and try to prevent some unknown horrible thing from happening to loved ones. After the game is over, it is suggested connect to close friends and family to realize that you were not actually Batman, despite the experience.

  1. Statik Institute of Retention

“I’ve been having this recurring dream where I’m a dog astride the back of a giant chicken and I can’t help clawing and biting and it all got rather erotic at one point – but I don’t regret it. How does that make you feel?”

If I ever were to compare a game to the masterpiece that is Portal, it would possibly be this one. Unfortunately, it is hard to say as the developers are trying to keep the game mechanics largely ‘hush hush’ by releasing very little game play and very vague trailers. From what we can tell, there is a disturbed, blurred out, man in a lab coat talking your ear off while you try to solve the puzzle box that encloses your hands by figuring out which buttons do what and by using the hints around the room. The entire game seems to take place just in that room – when you solve one puzzle, you black out and the next one starts with a completely different and unique solution. For those of you who love the ‘Escape from the Room’ games, then this one is without a doubt for you. I personally cannot wait for more comments and stories from disturbed scientist guy!

  1. Resident Evil VII: Biohazard

The amount of detail put into the game is honestly terrifying. You really truly feel as if you are there and I am personally not okay with that. So this is just for all you abnormal people who enjoy being absolutely terrified and who laugh for no reason at someone’s detached bloody arm in the movies. You know who you are.

The game starts off with you in this creepy run down house with the sole objective of “get out of the house”. You run around for a little bit to discover that a few things, including the door, needs a key. While searching, you casually find a tape of what must be of an innocent family reunion or a pleasant 2nd birthday right? Wrong. You stupidly stick the tape in the VCR and it turns out to be a film of these three guys looking for ghosts. All of the sudden, you are immersed into the tape and take on the role of the cameraman. I am sure you can guess what happens on the tape – and no, Kim Kardashian isn’t on it.

There is a little bit of everything in these games, so hopefully at least one of them made your cheeks burn with excitement. If not, then be not afraid padawan, for there are more VR games on both the PS4 platform and PC for you to check out! That’s the amazing thing about gaming – there is always a little something for everyone, no matter what system you play on.

Let us know in the comments what other VR games you are looking forward to!

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