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I didn’t choose the gaming life, the gaming life chose me!

written by mastaxcheese March 16, 2015


In this world that we live in, sometimes it’s hard to make people understand the love that we have for gaming. Some would call us losers, or think we have no social life. Reality check! There are different kinds of gamers and there is a reason why we call ourselves gamers! It still shocks people today that I play video games for fun. There was even one time I told an employee at work that I play video games and he just busted out laughing with tears! Crazy!

There’s nothing wrong with being over excited about a game coming out, or really looking into the details of a game. For myself, I love to look into the game engines and the programs they put into a game. There are people like that, and it’s amazing. There are also those who rely on their parents for living, and have no desire to work for themselves. Those…well, can’t say I don’t approve of their life style; hopefully they will defend for themselves. Take a look at those cosplayers who spend most of their time creating the costume of their favorite characters! It’s a lifestyle of creative people and it’s rewarding at the end when their project is complete. Along with that note, a lot of fans enjoy the works of their video game come to life.

I for one think its an amazing community of the gaming life. No problems with releasing some stress on your favorite video game. Just be yourself, if you’re a nerd…nerd out! Nothing wrong with that, who cares if people find you’re weird. You’re the good kind of weird! Don’t let humans underestimate your power! haha! The gaming community rules! We are just leveling up in the world.

This post may be already out and about, just wanted to express my feelings to the world about being a gamer. I love it, enjoy it. I know some of my friends probably think just because I have a heart of a child I’m not completely mature. Wrong. Wrong on so many levels. It’s OK though, we don’t need negative humans like that in our lives. I’m comfortable with this lifestyle, just like the heading of this article….I didn’t chose the gamer life! The gamer life chose me!




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