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iCloud Calendar Spam Invitations? Here’s How to Prevent More!

written by Jordan Cobb November 28, 2016

We all hate computer spam. I hate it, you hate it, and your neighbor George definitely hates it. No one really ever enjoys it since there are some emails that you really need that could end up in the spam folder and if your the kind that just blindly empties your spam box everyday, that email you needed is never coming back.

Surely the one place you’d never expect to receive spam is when you’re viewing and/or organizing your digital calendar. Well sad to say, you might get it there too now.

Its popped up recently from some iCloud users that some invitations sent to their calendar could in fact be spam messages from Black Friday deals from UGG or $19.99 sunglasses offers from Ray-Ban and Oakley. Even photo sharing spam can appear as a calendar invitation.

Right now Apple haven’t said what their exacts plans are to tackle this problem and that’s not good news since you just can’t hit decline on the invitation since declining it will let whoever is spamming you to know your email address and that’s the opposite of good.

While Apple hasn’t officially fixed this problem, there is a worthwhile solution out there from Stack Exchange that will help to further prevent that nasty, dirty spam to not popup between your niece’s birthday and drinks with the gang later in the night.

  • Log on to your iCloud account and go to calendars then click on the gear icon and select Preferences.


  • Once you’ve opened your preferences, select Advanced.
  • After that’ll want to scroll on down until you find Invitations.


  • When you get there you can now choose the option of receiving calendar invitations in your email rather than getting a notification in-app and click save.

Once you’ve done all that, you’re now free to use your calendar without annoying spam popups, but it does mean you now have to check your email to see if you got invited to anything. Does mean you get a clutter free calendar, so not too bad a compromise.

Have you experienced this problem of calendar spam on you iCloud calendar? If so, do you find this solution useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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