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Idris Elba to Play Next James Bond?

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg January 6, 2015


James Bond will be returning to the big screen soon, with Daniel Craig taking his fourth turn in the title role in the upcoming Spectre, currently being filmed. Anticipation is high for that film, which will see the return of the titular evil organization to the franchise. Less pressing, but no less intriguing for fans of the super spy, is the question of who will take over as the iconic super-spy once Craig finally hangs up his suit.

Every time a Bond retires there is rampant speculation leading up to the final casting decision of his replacement, and in the age of social media it is even more intense. Actors like Tom Hardy, Michael Fassbender, and Orlando Bloom have proven they can draw at the box office through their work in major blockbusters released during Craig’s reign as 007, and are understandably at the top of many wish lists for the new Bond.

To many fans, however, there is one clear top choice: Idris Elba. The actor’s work in television shows like The Wire and Luther along with roles in numerous Marvel movies and films like Mandela and Pacific Rim has raised his profile and built a large and ravenous fan base dying to see the actor take over the role. And they’re not alone.

Executives at Sony Pictures seem keen on bringing Elba’s diversity and incredible acting chops to the to the role of MI6’s top man, as emails released as part of the Sony hacking scandal reveal. Even Kanye West has come out publicly to support the actor’s cause, a cause that is rapidly picking up steam.

The cries of fans and obvious preference from the studio has Elba as a heavy favorite to secure the role, with bookmakers like Gambling.com partner site Paddy Power even going so far as assigning him with 7/4 odds, well ahead of the rest of the field. At this point, it seems all but assured that he will be one of the top contenders when casting officially gets underway for the next super spy.

Thanks to the mounting rumors, we also know that Elba would be willing to play Bond, making it seem highly likely he’d take the role if it is offered. If that happens, fans and the studio would see their dream man on the big screen in a historic turn as one of cinema’s most enduring characters. Until it becomes official, however, the rumor mill will continue to churn alongside the tail end of Craig’s brilliant run.

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