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Image Expo Not Planned for 2017, Announcements Coming at ECCC

written by Jordan Cobb February 3, 2017

As I’ve shown on the site before, I quite fancy Image Comics as maybe the best comic book publisher today. Granted that does seem to be a popular opinion today as opposed to when the company first launched 25 years ago, but its hard to not disagree given the quality of their stories and the caliber of the creative teams behind the books.

One of the more noticeable things about the company is their annual Image Expo, which started back in 2012. Every year since then on the west coast, Image would hold an event for both the public and the press to come and see their new upcoming comics and have a chance to meet and talk to the creators in addition to several panel discussions.

2017 might be the first year since then where there won’t be one. CBR recently interviewed Image Publisher Eric Stephenson about their 25th anniversary and said that the Image Expo for this year “at present” isn’t planned and that at the upcoming Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, they’ll be holding a panel with “Expo-esque” announcements when the convention starts on Thursday, March 2.

The news doesn’t sound too surprising given last year’s Expo was held in Seattle and one day before ECCC that year began.The company’s recent move from Berkeley, California to Portland, Oregon was said to be a possible reason for the decision by Stephenson.

He said, “Something had to give when we were making the transition and that something was Image Expo. Even working with ReedPOP last year for the Expo in Seattle, it’s a tremendous amount of work for our staff, and stacking another Expo on top of the move just seemed cruel and unnecessary. So we’re doing something a little different this year — we’re doing a big announcements thing at Emerald City and instead of the Spring Formal we held at the Showbox for that con last year, we’re going to do a Homecoming dance for Rose City Comic-Con here in Portland this September.”

Well no matter where and how they do it, many others and myself will still be eagerly waiting to hear what Image has to offer in the upcoming year.

What’s your reaction to the news? Are you upset the Expo might be cancelled this year? What are your favorite books form Image right now? Let us know in the comments below!

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