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Imagine that, the Xbox One S isn’t fantasy!

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. June 13, 2016

That leaked Xbox One S we saw earlier? The one Microsoft wouldn’t confirm or deny? Hey, it’s E3 so they just announced it’s real!

It's the Xbox One S

Yes, it is called the Xbox One S, yes it is that slimming white (the color is called “Robotic White”) and yes it is 40% smaller. Not that the first gen One was all that big, great now mine is going to have an effing complex and cry itself to sleep. The one thing I will be happy for is they are ditching the ridiculous monster brick that Microsoft uses for power supplies for its consoles. It’s 2016, it’s about time!

What else can we look forward to with the Xbox One S? Well, as we thought earlier, they are stuffing in support for Ultra 4K Blu-ray. Right now, it’s a niche market with the Blu-ray discs costing sometimes up to twice as much but man do they ever look pretty. That does however open up developers for 4K and HDR gaming for ballers with those capable tvs.

As much as I love my big beautiful Xbox, one thing I didn’t like was having only one USB port up front. The rest being in the back was a big pain in the ass. With the Xbox One S, another USB port has been brought forth into the light. With the port shuffle, the dedicated Kinect port is gone. For anyone looking to use the motion sensor with the upgraded console, they would have to get a special USB adapter from good old Microsoft. Price and availability have yet to be determined.

The leak we got ahold of earlier had made mention of a “streamlined controller”, however we weren’t given much info as to what that meant. The new Xbox One S controller will be sleeker, have improved grips and finally (!) Bluetooth wireless for Windows 10 gaming. In layman’s terms, this means there’s no need to hunt down a wireless receiver to use your Xbox One controller with your compatible Windows 10 games. Score!

There is set to be a limited launch bunch of the Xbox One S with the previously hinted at 2TB hard drive for $399. Beyond that there will be 500GB (why?) and 1TB models coming sometime in August. The consoles are available for pre order now.

Let’s hear it geeks. I know some of you are die hard Xbox fans but have held off on buying a One until something like an One S came down the pipe. Some of you have helped propel Sony into the top spot. Would either of you groups jump on this bad boy? I’m considering trading in my 500GB model for this new one.

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