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Incredibles 2 Is Every Bit Of The Movie We Waited For

written by Damian Gordon June 14, 2018
Incredibles 2 married couple

Oh boy, it’s been 4968 days since the first Incredibles came out but who’s counting? All I know is that Incredibles 2 was worth the wait and now I don’t know what to do with my life.

I need to take a second before getting to it to say, kids, this isn’t for you.  My generation waited nearly 15 years for this. This movie should be rated-R for remember. You won’t get in if you can’t remember manually rolling up car windows.

I swear this is about to be challenge day from Black Panther in front of the box office. Kids will have to get past my crew as I say “we have watched from the mountains as your technological advancements are about to be seen by a child. We will not have it.”

Seriously though, Incredibles 2 is Pixar working their magic again to put out another strong film. Gut-busting laughs, tissue-worthy moments wrapped up in fun package make this a must-see. Yes, even kids should see this too.

Elastigirl driving on her bike to stop crime in Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2 revolves around Elastigirl (Holly Hunt) going out to save the day, so supers can be legal again. Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) is at home with Violet and Dash learning how to be a different kind of hero, a father.

This is a role reversal of this first movie; the movie is focused on Elastigirl, it is her story to the end. I thought the fathering story was going to be some straight-to-DVD affair but it actually was the best part.

Incredibles 2 has a really nice pacing that keeps up for most of the movie. It switches between the action of Elastigirl saving lives and Bob about to some live dealing with the kids.

The storytelling in the original was on point, never being afraid to dip into dark places. Bob finding Gazerbeam’s corpse and his last warning carved into the cave or how supers were being killed off.

Some darker tones do appear early on to establish some tragic stories with new characters. There is some mature story-telling throughout, shown at it’s best when characters interact.

Everyone Is Having Super Time

Frozone, Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl talk about their future in Incredibles 2

Clever is the word of the day here as Incredibles 2 keeps mentality front and center when it comes to writing. From poking fun at superhero tropes to disguised orgy jokes, there is a lot here to enjoy.

There is a whole conversation on politics and morality at one point in the film. No one is being threatened or monologuing, just two characters shooting the breeze. Incredibles 2 doesn’t treat itself as a kids movie, it’s a great film that kids can like as well.

The animation is just superb throughout, you see every strand of silk hair on Dash move beautifully.  There is an encounter with Elastigirl and Screenslaver that looks awesome. It appears like a weird indie animation with a touch of horror that makes this strobe-light fueled nightmare scene memorable.

A Superhero That Flew Too High

Incredibles 2 boy talking at the table

Incredibles 2 reminds me of the Challenger space shuttle because it was firing on all cylinders– till it wasn’t. When it came time for the final act, it turned out to be the weakest part of the experience.

The film is emotional, funny and smart throughout until reaching the climax and it was time to stop the big bad plan. Then, suddenly it took such a big drop in quality that I got whiplash. I’m talking Tower of Terror level of drops here.

Any payoff didn’t feel as rewarding because none of the obstacles felt like serious threats. Momentum is also stopped for a gag with Jack-Jack and kids in the end. It was more a skit than intense resolution the story had built up to.

Things would be fine if this was the opening sequence with the family battling henchmen and their leader. However, to be the finale of everything previously built to is underwhelming.

Besides the last act dropping the ball, I don’t really have anything else to say about Incredibles 2. It’s a great movie that was close to being a classic like the original.

Incredibles 2 Action & Music

Incredibles 2 characters talking in the car

Fun action scenes are littered through the runtime. Newcomer Voyd (Sophia Bush) has really cool fights where she uses her power to open portals. Her character gave a bit more charm to this movie with her goofiness and badassery.

The best superhero fight of the year has to be with Jack-Jack and his new found rival. That fight is fun and a blast to watch from start to gold finish.

Dash (Huck Milner) and Violet (Sarah Vowell) get their own time to shine in various moments. Anything Dash does hilarious and Violet has her own character arc with growing up that ends. Seeing them team up when attacked by “villains” later led to an excellent fight.

The initial fight is used to reintroduce people to these characters and their power. However, the score is what really helps to sell these scenes. Inspired by 50’s sounds, the score uses a lot of horns and string to ramp up the tension. Sometimes it gets overbearing but it works more often than not.

Overall, Incredibles 2 is a natural evolution in the story where characters and their problems are still relateable. Cool visuals, an awesome script and engaging story makes this one of the best this year.

What’s another film you want a sequel to? What did you think of the movie? Did you like the original? Leave your comments below!



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