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‘Incredibles 2’ Samuel L. Jackson Provides Update on Sequel

written by Jason Marcano December 19, 2016
Incredibles 2 and Frozone

Finally, some news on the only Disney/Pixar film that matters – The Incredibles 2!

It's about to go down… First recording session for…. INCREDIBLES 2!!!!

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Taking to Instagram Samuel L. Jackson posted the above image indicating that work on Incredibles 2 had officially begun. Jackson played Frozone in the original 2004 film about a superhero family who are just trying to live a quiet life in suburbia.

Disney and Pixar have been on a roll with sequels to movies whether we want them or not. We most recently got a look at what seems to be a darker take on Cars with the teaser to part 3. Toy Story 4 is on track for a 2019 release, and was actually pushed back to make room for The Incredibles 2 in 2018.

Scant information is available on The Incredibles 2, but it would be a safe bet to assume most of the first film’s cast will be making a return. For now, all we have is Jackson’s confirmation that production is well underway on the flick.

While we wait for 2018 to arrive Pixar has plenty in store for fans of their brand of entertainment. 2017 will see not only Cars 3, but they are also working in their original film Coco. Coco will be one of the few original films to come out of Pixar in the coming years as their slate is full of sequels.

Incredibles 2 Coco reference pic

I would argue that the Incredibles 2 is the only sequel coming from Disney and Pixar that matters. What about you geeks? What’s your favorite Disney/Pixar film? Has it gotten the sequel it deserves? Let us know what you want to see in the Incredibles 2 in the comments below.

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