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Indie Game Oxenfree Released on PSN

written by Leda "Ancient Hero" N. June 5, 2016

Oxenfree–a suspense thriller with supernatural elements–was originally available only on Mac, PC, and Xbox back in January 2016. Furthermore, through the success of Oxenfree on those three systems, Night School Studio was finally able to release their game on PS4 in May 2016.

In Oxenfree you play as Alex, a teenager who has just met her new stepbrother Jonas and is meeting up with her childhood friend Ren and several other classmates. Clarissa and Nona are the only two who could make it to the party at a touristy local island. According to local lore, people claim they can pick up radio stations that don’t exist outside of the island. Therefore, Ren talks Alex into bringing her radio so they can listen to the stations.

Oxenfree Radio

Oxenfree has a few puzzle solutions, several jump scares, as well as an interesting story and backstory, which will make you want to play this game over again.

This game was created to be as natural as possible, while you walk you are talking with your friends and every time you play the game you can change your choices. Each time you beat the game and return the game will change slightly, adding to the story or making characters do different things. In addition, there may also be new items you missed on your last play.

Oxenfree choices

On June 3rd, 2016 Night School Studio added a new ending to the game. In order to bring up the player’s experience and make the gameplay more exciting.

“Every owner of the game should now be able to update Oxenfree and experience 0the continuation of Alex’s story. The new mode will allow players to continue beyond the original “ending” into a new and exciting chapter of the game’s story. We are incredibly excited to share all of this new content with you today, and can’t wait to see what everyone thinks!” –Night School Studio

We can only hope Night School Studio will add more to Oxenfree as time goes on. Let us know what you think about Oxenfree in the comments!

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