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Indie Games Destroying Gaming

written by Jesse L June 29, 2015

Indie games are popping up more and more it seems. Some are 2D scrollers while others have 3D. Are indie games worth it or are they just wasting everyone’s time?

On the PSN indie games flooded the market and its hard to not stumble across one. Every month when Sony gives you the monthly free games it always includes an indie title. That I find annoying and so do most of the PlayStation Network gamers. About 90% of the indie games you get for free are horrible but there is those few ones i didn’t mind playing. But they are so far in between that it makes it not worth even downloading games every month. PlayStation’s marketing was “This is for the players” I haven’t seen that yet. Sadly its more like “This is for our pockets enjoy the horrible indie games”, step it up Sony the players are waiting.


On the Xbox Live they rarely get indie games. Nearly every month you get old triple A games. Now from time to time Live will get a few indie games but they are way better quality and more fun to play. Out of all the games I’ve downloaded from Live I’d would say only about 8 of them are indie games. With this tho Xbox doesn’t make you feel cheated because you have to buy Live. It makes it worth paying for a year of Live.

It’s no competition but it’s clearly easy to see Xbox Live free monthly games are way better month to month. PlayStation is falling behind greatly even tho they were giving free games away before Xbox. Its time for PlayStation to give old PS1, PS2, or PS3 games for free monthly games. But they wont because they don’t want to lose out on a huge amount of money from there PlayStation Now service. So for now ill let my P$4 collect dust till a new non remastered game comes out for it; I’ll Be enjoying my Xbox One till PlayStation really starts being about This Is For The Players.

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