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‘Ingress’, Niantic’s First A.R. Game, Jumping Back into the Picture

written by Liz July 9, 2018
Statue in Ingress advertisement

Back before Pokémon GO, Niantic made Ingress. An early mobile augmented reality game (if not the first), the story of Ingress focused on the Earth being invaded by “exotic matter” through portals all over the world. It fell off in popularity a little when Pokémon GO was released. Now, Ingress is getting an animated show on Netflix and a new mobile game called Ingress: Prime.

Ingress: The Animation, the title of the upcoming show, is going to be handled by Crafter studios. The team they’ve assembled means if nothing else, this game is going to look amazing. The character design is coming from the art director of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Takeshi Honda. The show will be under the direction of computer graphics artist Yuhei Sakuragi, and Fuji TV will be working with Netflix to bring the show worldwide.

Ingress: The Animation

In an interview with Variety, Niantic founder John Hanke gave a brief synopsis of the show.

The show focuses on Makoto and Sarah, two people impacted by the matter. Makoto can touch things and see their history. Sarah can see certain aspects of time and space…. The duo end up on the run together away from a third, mysterious character named Jack. The three get pulled into Ingress’ Enlightened versus Resistance battle, but are also trying to figure out the motives behind a corporation that seems to be abusing exotic matter to experiment on humans and do ‘bad things’.

That battle between the Resistance and the Enlightened was the basis for the first game. The teams would cover territory, either trying to stop the flow of exotic matter or holding the portals open. There were events all over the world and the game has over 20 million downloads to date. The original game, however, was not the most intuitive. Niantic has learned from Pokémon GO and those lessons are going to be put right back into the upcoming game.

Ingress gameplay on iPhone

The anime will come from the story that already exists in the game. There will be characters and storylines from the original game played out in the anime format. The new game, however, is going to begin branching out from the original. While it will be intertwined with the original, Hanke says the new game will be the equivalent of a superhero reboot.

There will be familiar characters and situations that have become famous in the game, but they will be experienced through a fresh interpretation with new characters, new actors.

I am curious to see how this all plays out. I am all for new original content and this is going to be something new. The original game was a lot of fun if sort of confusing. I’m hoping Niantic is able to sort that out for the new one. It appears that both Ingress: The Animation and Ingress: Prime are both due out in October 2018.

Have you played Ingress before? Where you Enlightened or Resistance? Are you curious about the upcoming show? If you haven’t played before, do you think you might start with this new one? Let us know in this comments!


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