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Inhumans Character Roster for ABC Series Possibly Revealed

written by Jordan Cobb January 11, 2017

It certainly came as a surprise that Marvel Studios had moved the Inhumans from their very own film to television with an eight-episode season. Yet again when you think about it, that was the right call sense it would mainly be focusing on THE Inhumans, and by that I mean the most notable characters of that species from Marvel Comics and most certainly the Inhuman Royal Family.

There haven’t been any casting announcements for the series, which is strange when you consider that Marvel said they look to begin production on the show in March and we’re in the middle of January. But some light has been shed as to which characters we’ll be seeing thanks to someone close to the production of the series revealing to YouTube program, That Hashtag Show a breakdown of the characters ABC is looking to cast. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Broderick — male, 30-40, Caucasian. Can say volumes with just a look. Strong thoughtful and private, he’s unaccustomed to being questioned or feeling a need to answer to anyone, to an extent can verge on arrogance.
  • Marjorie — Female, 30-40, Caucasian. An elegant and intelligent advisor to her husband, she struggles to find her place outside of their relationship, as others tend to view her as just a pretty face. Strong and resourceful, she’s not afraid to break the rules when the situation demands it.
  • Marty — Male, 30-40, Caucasian. Broderick’s younger brother; he is intelligent, charming and articulate. He comes across as a man of the people but secretly covets power.
  • Kevin — Male, 30-40, Open. Slight of build, his mind is his greatest asset. Always prepared with a plan, his outlook on life is the glass is always half-empty and often cracked and dirty as well. Though his outlook can be grim he has a droll, dry sense of humor.
  • Grady — Male, 25-35, Open. Impetuous and brash, he has serious impulse control issues which frequently get him into trouble, whether it’s women, booze or fighting. He loves life and lives in the moment, for better or worse.
  • Christine — Female, 18-25 to play 18, Caucasian. Soulful but still learning the ways of the world, she has the arrogance of youth. Impetuous and independent, she is also deeply devoted to her family.
  • Timothy – Male, 25-35, Open, SFXMU required. Supremely athletic. The ultimate picture of cool. He’s calm under pressure and willing to do anything to get the job done.

Knowing the history of the Inhumans and how these characters are described, its pretty easy to pinpoint who is who. Broderick=Black Bolt, head of the Royal Family and leader of the group with a destructive voice; Majorie=Medusa, Black Bolt’s wife who can user her hair as a weapon; Marty=Maximus, Black Bolt’s younger brother and evil genius; Kevin=Karnak, who uses his entire body as living weapon and spots weakness in everything; Grady=Gorgon, horse-legged Inhuman with super strength; Christine=Crystal, Medusa’s younger sister who is able to control the elements; and finally, Timothy=Triton, an amphibian Inhuman.

Sadly though, Lockjaw, a very large teleporting dog and one of the most popular characters in all of Marvel, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t showing up on the show entirely.

These characters being on the show comes as no real surprise considering it is the Inhuman Royal Family, but its great to know who exactly might be making the leap from page to screen given the vast history that the Marvel species has.

What’s your reaction to this? Excited? Is there any other character you want on the show? Let us know in the comment below!

Inhumans will debut on ABC later this year on September 26 after the pilot premieres in IMAX theaters on September 1.

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