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Insomniac’s ‘Spider-Man’ Release Date and More Cover the Web!

written by Damian Gordon April 5, 2018
Spidey web swinging from Insomniac Spider-Man PS4 game

Since debuting at E3 2016, Insomniac’s Spider-Man title has remained relatively quiet since then. At last, new details regarding New York’s web-swinger have been unveiled.

The world got a glimpse of some of the most advanced traversal mechanics in a Spidey title in a teaser. The Big Apple is gonna look like a sticky mess after players spend hours with this new web-swinging engine.

Spider-Man got notoriety for his 2000 PS1 game of the same name, developed by Neversoft from the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series. They took a chance to make an original story full of unlockables and fun gameplay. The title went on to achieve critical and commercial success, receiving an 86 Metacritic score with over 3 million copies sold.

Then, the holy grail of these titles, Spider-Man 2, came out in 2004, bringing an open-world experience that made it a classic. Based on the movie of the same name, SM2 broke the notion of all movie games being bad. Whether it’s saving a little girl’s balloon or beating down on baddies, SM2 remains talked about to this day.

The web-slinger had a lot to live up to in the following years, never quite reaching the ’04 peak. Now, the developers of Ratchet & Clank, Resistance, and Sunset Overdrive are shooting to put him back on top.

Today, we got a September 7th release date on when we’ll be able to take the hero for a swing around the block. The trailer dropped with new footage of Spidey in action below:

Different Editions of ‘Spider-Man’ for Different Fans

Even though digital copies are unlimited, it’s never too early to pre-order, right?All pre-ordered editions will come with the Spider Suit pack, PS4 avatar, PS4 theme, a Spider Drone gadget, and five extra skill points.

The Digital Deluxe version will include the game and post-launch DLC called Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps.  This content is made up of three chapters featuring new enemies, missions, and costumes for Spidey to show off. This package is $80 and comes with a collectible pin showing Spidey in the box art pose that will be mailed

For those with the Tony Stark budget, the Collector’s Edition is here to collect for $150. It will have all the DLC from the Digital Deluxe version, plus a SteelBook case, Spider-Man statue, and mini art book.

Spider-Man is a PS4 exclusive and more info is expected throughout the month. I hope there is at least one “my balloon” mission, so I can put a real dent in crime like the old days.

What are your thoughts on the latest Spidey game? What is your favorite title from the wall-crawler? Leave your comments below!

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