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intelliGLASS HD Screen Protector REVIEW and GIVEAWAY!

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg May 8, 2015

Time for another giveaway from our the awesome screen protector freaks over at intelliARMOR! These geeks know screen protectors. We have checked out their pro version for the iPhone 6 and now we have our hands on the Note 4 GLASS HD version.

After crazy testing and wear and tear on this screen we are happy to say this one has held up just as expected from such a kickass brand. I have been carrying this on my Note 4 for almost two weeks and throwing everything at it from keys to coins and as you can see from the pics it took it all. I also love how it is case friendly. For only $12.95 its hard to find anything that can come close to intelliARMOR and its GLASS Protectors.

Good new is we are giving away one for one of you geeks out there as well thanks to intelliARMOR! You will get your choice out of their selection of screens so you get the protection you need for the right phone. Check out the contest below to enter and be sure and grab yours at the link here now!


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