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iPhone 6 leaks: Major new component features

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg July 29, 2014


According to a source that BGR has in China and a posting from Nowhereelse, the new iPhone leaks are pouring out all over the place. BGR says the very reliable source is showing NFC chips as well as faster the WiFi connection ac will also be on the new iPhone. This is notable due to there has not been a iPhone yet to handle the ac signal or NFC connectivity.

Also looks like according to BGR and the Chinese manufacturer that Apple will be moving forward with its own mobile payment system and that the new phone components are there to handle it, which could make a quite a bit of sense now they are leaning towards NFC.

The fabled iPhone 6 is rumored to launch within the next few months with two different variants of the device, 4.7″ and 5.5″ screens. No price has been announced on either model quite yet. Check out the pics below and see the rumored phone internals up close and personal. Are you picking up the iPhone 6?

iphone-6-logic-board-leak-nfc-wifi-ac-4 iphone-6-logic-board-leak-nfc-wifi-ac-3 iphone-6-logic-board-leak-nfc-wifi-ac-2 iphone-6-logic-board-leak-nfc-wifi-ac-1

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