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iPhone 8: Samsung-Made Curved Display on 1 of 3 New Phones

written by Jude Kasekamp December 23, 2016
iphone 8 concept with curved display

The iPhone 8 rumour mill keeps putting out new information! As we previously reported, Apple is allegedly featuring a curved screen in the 10th anniversary edition of the iPhone. Now, it has come to light that not only will there be 3 phones, but they may be getting those advanced displays from their #1 competitor: Samsung.

iphone 8 concept with curved display

It sounds like OLED displays are a lock for the next iPhone, although only on the higher end of 3 models. Yes, THREE. The familiar LCD Retina Display we have been accustomed to should be found on the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus next year. A premium iPhone 8, code-named Ferrari, will launch at the same time and may be getting the curved OLED upgrade. Here’s another “curve”-ball (groan). The OLED displays will reportedly not be glass, but rather, plastic.

Samsung can produce less than 100 million of these special displays. That’s roughly half of Apple‘s typical annual iPhone sales. It makes sense that they will only be featuring the more expensive display on this premium model. Meanwhile, the other half of phones will be successors to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

OLED’s naturally provide brighter and richer detail, and allow for greater flexibility. Each pixel individually lights up, whereas an LCD display relies on a backlight. This, of course, means OLED’s are more expensive. Putting an expensive curved display on the iPhone 7s will price it out of the big volume market. Instead, it makes sense to launch a 3rd version simultaneously.

The pressure is on Apple to innovate once again. Steve Jobs is long gone, and as competitors like Samsung and others continue to put out crazy designs, it may be time for Apple to take a real risk. I don’t mean something like the “courage” it took to remove the headphone jack. I mean the courage it takes to unveil something completely unexpected. It’s time for Cupertino to think outside the box of the glass, metal, and plastic slabs we have been buying for years. It’s time for them to make a move that makes people like me second-guess my loyalty to Samsung and Android.

What courageous and innovative move do you geeks think Apple should make with iPhone 8?

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Korea Herald

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