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The Iron Banner AND Bungie Bounty Return to Destiny!

written by Trevor "RaZaK" Roberts Jr July 28, 2015


This week, Destiny players can look forward to the return of the Iron Banner. The non-player character (NPC) in charge of the event, Lord Saladin, is usually found in the Tower in the back section that is normally closed off.

Last week, Bungie alluded to the return of the Iron Banner in their July 23rd weekly update when they mentioned that the Trials of Osiris NPC (Brother Vance) would be competing for attention with Saladin. The Iron Banner is a big deal to players who want player-vs-player (PvP) specialty weapons obtained via loot drops or for purchase from Lord Saladin.  These weapons tend to have improved stats in the areas of impact, range, and stability compared to other weapons in the game (ex: the Felwinter’s Lie shotgun, Jolder’s Hammer machine gun, etc.). In recent iterations of Iron Banner, there have been opportunities to purchase extra Etheric Light from Saladin to help finish your remaining weapon and armor upgrades.

On top of the impending return of Iron Banner, Bungie also announced another Bungie Bounty on the Xbox One platform on Wednesday, July 29th.  Players will once again have the opportunity to earn an exclusive emblem if they can get the best of the Bungie team and their special guests: Dames Of Destiny.

Excited for the new gear and emblems available from Bungie’s special events this week? Let us know in the comments section below!

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