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Ironman VS Optimus Prime! (VIDEO)

written by Jon "BatPool" M May 3, 2016
Ironman vs Optimus Prime

As many geeks do, I sit and wonder about fights between iconic characters from my favorite comics, cartoons, and movies fighting each other.  We’ve all thought about the inescapably obvious Goku VS Superman. Thankfully, we have YouTube.  Aside from the tutorials, movie trailers, the DIY’s, the unboxings, and vloggers, YouTube is full of creative geeks and nerds that wonder the same things we do.  Fan films are one of my favorite parts of YouTube. I’ll list a few noteworthy fan films later on, but right now we need to focus on a battle of EPIC proportions: Ironman VS Optimus Prime!

Bat in the Sun is a YouTube channel that has dedicated their talent to these fights we wonder about. They have aptly titled their web series, Super Power Beatdown.  They’ve done Batman VS Deadpool, Punisher VS Red Hood, Spider-man VS Darth Maul, and even Wolverine VS Predator. Their newest Super Power Beatdown is their first animated fight and it’s between Ironman and Optimus Prime. Ready…..FIGHT!

Talk about a nerdgasm! Who do you think should’ve won? I’ll be honest, I was rooting for Tony Stark. I felt he was the underdog, and who doesn’t love a victorious underdog? With Hollywood, we tend to get upset over details in the stories, casting, etc.  The great thing about Super Power Beatdown is that we get to ignore the plot and skip to the fight!  While we’re here, go ahead and check out this SPBD: Joker and Harley Quinn VS Deadpool and Domino.

And as I promised before, here are a couple other fan films that you may enjoy.

DARTH MAUL: Apprentice, T7pro

PUNISHER: Dirty Laundry, Adi Shankar

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