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Islamic State releases Android app aimed at kiddoes.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. May 13, 2016

The Islamic State or ISIS has released its own Android app to teach young children the alphabet. The twist? They’re using items like guns and tanks to do it.

The Android app, named Huroof which means letters in Arabic, is being used to teach the kids that have it a new way to learn. It is alleged to only teach the Arabic alphabet but it’s causing some concern. What’s bothering people is the app has a militaristic vibe to it, using pictures of ┬ávarious devices that younglings wouldn’t normally play with. Items like ammunition and tanks for starters.

It's an app

The Huroof app is only available for Android and can be found on the encrypted service Telegram. Telegram was recently in the news claiming they had put the kibosh on 78 channels used by ISIS.

Huroof is going to be a touchy matter for westerners. The included “nasheed” is being accused of having messages that very jihadist in nature. Detractors of the app seem to be afraid it will radicalize impressionable youths.

I don’t know what to make of it geeks. I love tech and learning. You’re more than welcome to express your feelz below but let’s keep this very civil. No bashing other cultures or people.

Source: The Guardian

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