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IT 2017 Trailer is a Big Cup of Nope (WATCH!)

written by Quinzel Lee July 31, 2017
closeup of Pennywise clown from IT 2017

Based on the novel by Steven King, IT 2017 is coming to a movie theater near you – and probably to your nearest storm drain.

IT is a horror movie about a shapeshifter that becomes a killer clown who targets children. That alone should have been enough to steer me away from watching this terrifying, nightmare-inducing trailer.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s been a very long time since a trailer for a horror movie was actually scary to me. Movies like Saw or The Purge weren’t scary by their trailers alone. They only gave me the gist of what the movie was about without inducing fear.

I fall in the category of “Scaredy Cat” and as much as I am curious to see what happens in this movie, I am a little too terrified to go see it myself after watching this trailer.

Once the first full trailer for IT 2017 was released, I let my curiosity get the best of me and I may never sleep again.

It starts off with a group of kids laughing and playing in a lake (or some form of body of water). Things are starting off good but oh god, things will change.

A missing person sign and a sign that says “Remember the Curfew 7 p.m.”are shown. Damn, that’s an early ass curfew. Another signal that I should not proceed with this trailer. With a curfew that early, you know some real messed up stuff has been happening.

I proceed to continue watching.

Cast of Children from IT 2017 watching projector

We soon get our first look at Pennywise and let me tell you, he is way more terrifying than the 1990’s version. His eyes glow in the dark. His smile is the stuff of nightmares. “Here, take it” will always stick with me. And of course, the small child reaches for his lost paper boat and in the next frame he’s gone. Where the hell did he go?

Then, we see muddy footprints down the hall. Muddy footprints down in the basement. No! Don’t go down there! My nails have been chewed down to the bone at this point.

“The clown?” “Yeah I saw him, too.” Enter Pennywise again, somehow suspended in air, hands around the kiddos neck. You guys, I have never jumped at a movie trailer before, but at this point I was about 10 feet away from my laptop. I was ready to hop on that Nope Train back to EffThisVille.

And yet, I keep watching.

I held my breath at the final moment, when the boy walks into the room with a ton of toy clowns. Oh no, this cannot end well. Even one of the toy clowns slowly turns his head as the boy walks by. Crap, not good.

We take our last look at Pennywise as he jumps out and reaches for the boy. Screen to black. IT will premiere September 8th.

Nope, my ass will be at home on September 8th, where it’s safe. Nope, nope, nope.

However, as afraid as I am, I would say that if I were a horror movie buff, this film would definitely be a must-see. I personally feel like if just the trailer is this terrifying, the movie itself is going to leave a lot of people with soiled pants. So, steer clear folks, if you have a low tolerance for all things killer clown (*raises hand*). However, for you adventurous folks out there, this will be a good scare. Check it out on September 8th and let me know how it is because I won’t be within a hundred feet of that thing.

Sound off in the comments below and let us know if the IT 2017 trailer terrified you as well. Sweet dreams!

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