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It is Finally Here! The Trailer and Premiere Date of Rick and Morty!

written by Jordan Cobb July 1, 2017

FINALLY! It will soon be here people, Rick and Morty season three will finally arrive on our TV screens at the end of this month and we have our first full look at the darkest adventures yet for our dear space adventurers. Take a look at the madness below!

What’s interesting how much new footage is shown alongside clips of the already aired season premiere back from April Fool’s Day this year, but then I watch it again and get excited because PICKLE RICK!!!

But yes, Rick and Morty are back with not just pickles, but with Mad Max: Fury Road inspired adventures, a giant Summer, and what might be a return to Anatomy Park with Jerry this time towing along. That is also noteworthy given the ending of the season premiere, many suspecting Jerry might be written out, that doesn’t look to be the case.

The season has been in production for a long time and has been much speculated upon when it would premiere ever since season two ended back in October 2015. The post-credits scene of said finale even poked fun at that.

Of course in the time since so many rumors had come out as to why the season was taking so long, who was the blame, and some even speculating the show had quietly just ended, but as we can clearly see, that is not the case.

It’ll take more than cancellation and a long production cycle to take down Rick Sanchez and the hardest working liver in the galaxy.

What did you think of the trailer? How excited are you for the return and who is your favorite character? Let us know in the comments below!

Rick and Morty returns to Adult Swim for season three on July 30.

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