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iTrace Handwriting for kids app for iPhone and iPad REVIEW and GIVEAWAY

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg May 14, 2015

There are many apps out there for children these days and many of them are sub par or less. With a few kids of my own I have the joy of having to download many of these and just as fast turn around and delete them as they are not what we were looking for or not what my kid was wanting. Now this can get expensive so reviews will be your best friend when it comes to buying apps for your kids. Find out what other parents think and what did it accomplish for their children. With my wife and I we always try to find the apps that are not just fun but are teaching something as well. With all of that said I am happy to give you my review of handwriting app that we have turned into a normal use tool and fun time in our household…iTrace. GIVEAWAY BELOW!



iTrace is a handwriting app that gives your child the ability to hear and see many numbers, letters, words and more than with their finger (or stylus if you use) they get to trace it themselves. This has been a great tool in not only helping my three-year old learn many new words, numbers, colors, and shapes but she picking up on how to write them and doing a great job at noticing them in the real world. I can only see this growing as she gets a little older and keeps using the app. As you can see in the video below kids love this app!


As you can see and already know kids love tech so mix in some learning with it and you have a winner if its done correctly. After using this so much in our home I feel that iTrace has done just that. For $3.99 you in the App Store you get the full app and it works great on iPad but does work on iPhone as well. I think the perfect age seems like four-ish on up but that depends on the kid and the learning speed. This is a great app to help with writing and letter recognition. You can watch a full 5 minute walk-through of the app in the video below.


Now that you have seen all that iTrace has to offer you can see why we loved it. Good news they are going to give away a download of it to one of you lucky readers. Just hit the social box below and do the share features to enter and boom that’s it. You can hit the link here to download the app from the app store if you just cant wait!

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