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Jamie Foxx might be in an R-Rated Muppet movie

written by Branden H April 28, 2016
Jamie Foxx and Elmo

I am not sure whether to be intrigued or terrified at this idea but Deadline revealed today that Jamie Foxx is in early negotiations to star a movie called The Happytime Murders. The movie is a collaboration between STX Entertainment and the Jim Henson Company  and it will be directed by Brian Henson himself.

The movie follows the puppet stars of a TV show known as The Happytime Gang which is hugely popular making these puppets the biggest celebrities around. Off screen they are anything but happy go lucky and their antics are the stuff that tabloid writers dream about at night. When members of the gang begin to turn up dead it is up to a pair of mismatched detectives to solve the case. One is a take-no-prisoners human with a secret (isn’t that always the case) and the other is a hard drinking crass puppet who is somehow connected to the victims.  They’ll need to work together without wanting to kill each other in order to bring the killer to justice.

As I said, I’m still on the fence as to whether be terrified or intrigued. It does have a few things to it’s credit though. The screenplay is written by Todd Berger (Southland Tales) & Dee Robertson along with Erich and Jon Hoeber(Red and Red 2).  Time will tell if this movie has what it takes to be successful. Until I see more all I can think about is something like this:

Bert and Ernie by DanLuVisi Art

If you want to see more of Dan Luvisi’s incredible art you can check out here.

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