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Jamie Lee Curtis returning to Halloween franchise

written by Alex Lopez September 17, 2017

With the success of the new IT movie and the upcoming Jigsaw, there is plenty for horror fans to look forward to. One of the biggest things fans have to look forward to is the Halloween reboot. Now there is news that Halloween’s biggest star is returning. Jamie Lee Curtis will return as Laurie Strode in the horror franchise.

While she is one of the biggest names in Hollywood, it was Halloween that made Jamie Lee Curtis a household name. Curtis played the role in four Halloween movies. Her last time out was in Halloween: Resurrection in 2002. In that film, Laurie is killed by Michael Myers. So, the question comes up, how is Laurie alive? Well, there is no information about how she survived or if she survived at all. While there is no news about how big a role Curtis will have, just having Laurie back is huge news itself.

The Halloween reboot is due for an October 19, 2018 release date, close to the 40th anniversary of the series. Starting in 1978, the Halloween franchise consisted of 9 movies before the reboot in 2007 by Rob Zombie. Zombie’s film spawned one sequel two years later. Now, Danny McBride and director David Gordon Green are working on the next movie, set after the events of the first two movies.

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