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Jane The Virgin Star to Play Carmen Sandiego in Upcoming Netflix Series

written by Quinzel Lee April 29, 2017
gina rodriguez next to cartoon Carmen Sandiego

If you’ve ever wasted hours playing the Carmen Sandiego computer game on Macintosh or yelled at your TV screen trying to find her on Saturday mornings, you may want to hold on to your over sized hat.

Netflix gives us more nostalgia as it has plans to revamp the Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego series. And Gina Rodriguez, star of CW TV show Jane The Virgin, will be playing the coveted role.

Fox first aired the cartoon series in 1994 and it ran until 1999. During that time, the show came out with its own line of video games that got you super excited about geography, a few computer games (remember Windows 95), and eventually a game show. There were even two spin-off series if you remember. There was Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego and Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego (wait, was she a timelord, maybe?)

All during the original run, Gina was most likely spending her days watching Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego and The Magic School Bus. Gina Rodriguez got her start in acting back in 2011. She received a recurring role as Beverly on The Bold and the Beautiful. Then she got the acting role of a lifetime when she starred as Jane Villanueva in Jane The Virgin. The show has earned her three Golden Globe nominations and has resulted in one win in 2015 for Best Actress in a Television Series or Comedy.

On the actresses’ Twitter. Fans clamored to get confirmation that Gina staring as Carmen Sandiego was true. She had this to say:

No official word yet from Netflix on a release date for the series, but since the main character is cast, it can’t be too far off.

What’s the best 80s/90s revamp on Netflix you have seen so far? Are you excited for Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? Sound off in the comments below.

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