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Japan has a new way to keep your smartphone clean

written by Alex Lopez January 9, 2017

There was a time when people would take a newspaper or magazine with them to the bathroom. These days, people have replaced the magazines with their smartphones. Because of this, our smartphones have now become a breeding ground for all kinds of germs. Well, leave it to Japan to come up with a way to combat this, smartphone toilet paper.

Narita International Airport in Tokyo installed smaller dispensers in seven restrooms as a way to eliminate germs from smartphones. These tiny toilet paper dispensers, placed in over 80 stalls, welcome travelers to Japan and provide WiFi and travel information. The toilet paper, developed by NTT Docomo, is aimed at tourists coming into the country.

While this is one of those inventions that we all say “why didn’t I think of that?” NTT Docomo realized the importance of cleanliness. Now we all know that we shouldn’t be using our phones in the restroom, but come on, who hasn’t dumped a couple of players from their fantasy football league on the john? At least now we can wipe more than a few crappy players with a swipe of a finger.

There is no word about if the smartphone toilet paper will make its way outside of Japan, but I am sure we will see it on store shelves in the future. As smartphone continue to evolve, people will continue to use them while in the restroom. We have all hears stories about people dropping their phones in toilets, so phones in the restrooms are nothing new. Maybe someone will come up with a way to prevent that from happening. A phone floater, perhaps? Someone get on that, please?

What do you think, geeks? Would you want smartphone toilet paper in your home?

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