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Jared Leto rumored to be involved in Tron reboot

written by R. Patrick March 4, 2017
Jared Leto Tron

Jared Leto Tron

The word on the internet highway is that Disney is in talks with Jared Leto to star in a Tron reboot of sorts. The movies have never been the smash hits that we all would love them to be but this could be the magic ingredient that makes it happen. Tron: Legacy was an entertaining romp through “The Grid” laced with nostalgia and dripping with effects.

Despite big time stars like Jeff Bridges and Olivia Wilde rounding out the cast, it still felt short of the incredibly high hopes for many of us. The original, which has become more popular with age than it was in its original debut was seriously lacking in star power with the exception of Jeff Bridges.  Leto, an Oscar-winning fan favorite, would bring a new edgy sense of cool to the off and on franchise.  And when you’re dealing with what could one day be a cult classic within the realm of futuristic sci fi’s, edgy is a necessary ingredient to success.

Tron Light Cycle

A sequel to Tron: Legacy was at one point on the board with an almost complete script.  The sequel was to be named, Tron: Ascension.  Despite the interest and near complete script, Disney officially decided to shut the project down in 2015.  This being said, it is rumored that pieces of the script would be used in the new Tron reboot.  The new movie would not technically be a sequel but is likely to bring in aspects for the continuation of the Tron: Legacy story.

Tron holds a special place in many of our hearts and has always helped to push the boundaries of the sci fi genre through the use of special effects and sheer imagination.  We are excited to see what details are fleshed out in the near future.  Would you be interested in seeing a Tron reboot?  Let us know in the comments below!

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