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Five Episodes In: Jessica Jones Season 2 | DHTG Netflix Review

written by Ro March 9, 2018
Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 2

Debuting on International Women’s Day, Season 2 of Marvel’s Jessica Jones Hit Netflix!

Marvel’s Jessica Jones season 2 opens with a noir-style PI voice-over cluing us into what Jessica (Krysten Ritter) been up to since ending Kilgrave. I was really happy to see more comic elements show up so immediately. It gave me big hopes for this season and the would broaden story scope.

Jessica’s trying to put her life back together and deal with life as an outed super-powered person. The rise in her profile brings new clients…and increased interest from less than savory parties. But not everyone wants her to get back on her feet. Some just want her under their thumb or out of their way altogether.

Her inescapable sidekick Malcolm (Eka Darville) steps up in huge ways but Jessica’s struggling and it shows.

Add to everything else, her best friend Trish (Rachael Taylor) keeps pushing her to look into her past and the time missing from her memory as a child.

I have to say, I wasn’t a fan of this tactic to keep Trish necessary to the story. I get it; just didn’t like it much. Trish comes off as less interested in helping Jessica move on more about using her experiences to regain relevance and further her own career. It felt like Trish wanted to force Jessica to grieve on her timetable and in a way that made sense to her because it would make a great story; not to pull Jessica out of the bottle and back from the edge of a breakdown.

The twists and turns in this friendship come fast and take unexpected directions right from the beginning of episode one.

Season 2’s Subplots and Secondary Characters Add More Depth to Jessica Jones

Things are changing both in her building and with Alias Investigations. A bigger player in the game wants to buy Alias and doesn’t take no for an answer. Her new building manager isn’t looking to have a person like Jessica living in the building and takes steps to force her out.

These story angles, create room for interesting new characters and deeper character development. I felt like these additions added comedy, tension, and expanded the story beyond just what’s going on in Jessica’s head. Let’s be real, it’s never a bad thing when snarky Jessica shows up. And who among us can say we’ve never wanted to toss something (or someone) out of the way when they’re being an obstacle to a good day? Through it all, we learn more about Jessica as well as the rest of this cast of characters and what’s brewing in the shadows.

By episode four, Jessica and crew are chest-deep in a new case that’s already had tragic consequences. By the end of the episode, we know what (and who) Jessica’s truly facing and exactly how much crazier things are going to get.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Picks Up the Pace

This season took a minute to get all its players in place. But the devil’s in the details so it’s all been worth it. I’m always a fan of letting a story play out. So far, pacing between episodes been a bit inconsistent. It’s not really distracting or a detractor but it is noticeable. I do feel, however, this season’s pacing is much faster and fitting for the overall storyline.

The humor is dry and spot-on. And it must be said, while Jessica’s sex game takes a couple hits, Malcolm is out here taking nooooo prisoners.

Ok, I have to go. It’s time for episode six and this just keeps getting interesting…

Jessica Jones Season 2

Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2

Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Season 2 started streaming March 8, 2018. Are you planning to watch? Hit DHTG up in the comments and let us know what you’re looking forward to this time around!

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