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Do You Want to Play a Game? ‘Jigsaw’ Is on Blu-Ray! (Review)

written by Johnny Perkins January 29, 2018
Saw Jigsaw Puppet

Jigsaw Is Back

Jigsaw is back in an all-new chapter of the Saw series. The first film not labeled just “Saw (insert number here” tries to recapture the fear from the original. The movie begins with mystery and begs you to answer questions right off the bat. Is Jigsaw still alive? Is he killing again? How is he choosing his victims this time? And why now?

The plot is very reminiscent of the first two films, taking back the simplicity of the tortures. Some of the traps are more like the ones in the later films but the overall feel is simplicity. Outside of the torture house, the detectives are searching for the answers to the previously asked questions. They play along with the audience and are piecing together the story with us. The story also focuses on two medical examiners who are way too light-heartedly joking about the dead bodies and making inappropriate comments.

The game is complex in this movie, yet as simple as the second film. There are many callbacks to the original movie, too. This movie will keep you guessing and leave you shocked in the end.

Jigsaw Matt Passmore

The Story

The story was lacking. Even though it had a lot of mystery and kept me guessing, it didn’t make me want to watch it again. In its attempt at being like the original, it lost the growth the series needed. This first film in seven years, Jigsaw just falls flat. The original film in the series had a spark that this film was desperately reaching for. It had realism and felt like it could happen. Unfortunately, this movie had too much of the other films in it. The traps were too elaborate and looked too fake. The characters seemed to appear and disappear in different places without a reason or purpose.

Also, frankly, the acting was sub-par. It’s clear what the filmmakers wanted: something new, but like the original. They just didn’t get there. Maybe in their next attempt, they will get closer.


Special Features

The Blu-ray also includes two documentaries. One seven-part, feature-length one on the making of the movie, and one shorter one on the props. The seven-part series was enlightening in the process of how they made Jigsaw. The filmmakers, some of whom have been with the series since the first film, were dedicated to reigniting the series. They have passion, and with that passion, I know they can bring the spark back.

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