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Josh Boone Interviews a Vampire

written by Branden H May 5, 2016
Brad Pitt as Louis and Tom Cruise as Lestat

Ann Rice’s novel Interview with the Vampire was turned into a movie all the way back in 1994 and now its time to dig him up so they can interview him again.

Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment acquired the rights to Anne Rice’s series of novels in 2014 and Josh Boone, the director of the upcoming X-men: The New Mutants, was attached to  write and direct a film based on the series. It was originally speculated that he would be combining aspects of The Vampire Lestat and The Queen of the Damned but it seems he’s going for a reboot instead. Here is his Instagram announcement below.

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A photo posted by Josh Boone (@joshboonemovies) on Apr 22, 2016 at 7:18pm PDT

Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are set to produce the film along with others, and if those names sound familiar here is why. They are involved with the Universal Monster Connected Universe of films which is speculated to connect movies like The Mummy and the Invisible Man along with as yet unnamed movies. Yes, that is right, another cinematic universe.

Tom Cruise is currently working on The Mummy reboot so he may be out of the running as the vampire Lestat and if they decide to tie in Anne Rice’s work to the connected universe it will be weird seeing the former vampire roaming around. Here is hoping they keep them separate.

It seems that Hollywood is really leaning on the nostalgia factor these days instead of sourcing new material from an accomplished writer like Anne Rice. Her most recent work in The Vampire Chronicles hit the shelves in 2014 when Universal acquired the rights and another book is coming out as well. Universal could have easily looked at some of the newer works and introduced a new generation to Lestat in a different way.

We will have to see if Ann Rice fans will be as receptive to this remake and only time will tell.

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