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Josh Brolin Coming On to Deadpool 2 as Cable

written by Jordan Cobb April 12, 2017

Ever since Deadpool was first released, all anyone could ask is who should play Cable in the sequel. Its hard to not avoid asking that given how hugely linked the two Marvel Comics characters are ever since the creation of The New Mutants. Also Cable was teased in the post-credits stinger of the first film too.

Fantasy casting from fans can stop now as Josh Brolin will be stepping into the role of Nathan Summers/Cable in the upcoming sequel.

Now to me personally, Brolin looks the part and will fit the role perfectly of Cable, but what makes it interesting is how he’s now in two separate Marvel film series since he is still Thanos over at the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Marvel Studios and he’s apparently got the time to head over to 20th Century Fox and play in their sandbox.

Brolin does come as a surprise beating out the rumored favorites of Michael Shannon and David Harbour from Stranger Things.

I for one am interested how Cable is translated to screen given that he has one of the most convoluted histories of any superhero character ever because of that ever confusing thing known as time travel. Superhero comics are sometimes really weird.

How excited are you for Josh Brolin as Cable? Is his square jaw fit for the role? Who would you like to play the character? Let us know in the comments below!

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