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Batgirl Loses Joss Whedon as Writer and Director

written by Jordan Cobb February 23, 2018
Joss Whedon directing Batgirl

Batgirl’s film is now without a key part of its development towards the silver screen.

Proposed writer and director of Batgirl, Joss Whedon said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter,

Batgirl is such an exciting project, and Warners/DC such collaborative and supportive partners, that it took me months to realize I really didn’t have a story. I’m grateful to Geoff and Toby and everyone who was so welcoming when I arrived, and so understanding when I…uh, is there a sexier word for ‘failed?’

Barbara Gordon is of course still the sole focus when it comes to bringing Batgirl to the screen, aside from Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown. Plus, you know, being Commissioner Gordon’s daughter helps too.

Nearly a year since the announcement of Whedon making the film has passed and he appeared to never really “crack the code” as to how to make a proper adaptation of the character. Others are saying the source of his departure is due to the fact of today’s culture in the entertainment industry with a male taking on a character of great feminist importance and such a cultural icon too. Could be either or really.

Joss Whedon leaving Batgirl Film

That second reasoning is surprising given how huge a feminist Joss Whedon himself has been outspoken about. Must I bring up Buffy the Vampire Slayer because I’m always up to talk about anything related to that show!

Plus you’d think taking over the last stages of Justice League production would guarantee the guy a pretty steady gig, but apparently not from the looks of it.

The door appears to be open now for a who’s who of storytellers to tell Barbara’s tale, but who do you think should be given the chance? Who do you wanna see take over production of Batgirl? Let us know in the comments!

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