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Jurassic Teaser

written by Jon "BatPool" M April 24, 2016

Jurassic World 2 is on its way for a 2018 release. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard have already been confirmed to return for the sequel of last year’s box office hit. As we get closer to the films we love, we get teasers from the production companies. Mostly to keep us thinking and talking about them on social media. Yesterday the official Twitter account for the movie posted a teaser-full image that had the internet talking.Jurassic World Teaser


Tweet from Jurassic World

Most of the internet ignored the tweet itself, stating that a new website layout was coming. Jurassic World then followed up by clearing the air a little.

Jurassic World Tweet

So it appears that the website for Jurassic World 2 is getting an overhaul. But why the teaser image? The image clearly reveals the word, JURASSIC, but the second word, beginning with O- is cut off. Online? Oatmeal?  Or my guess, Jurassic Outpost. Could that mean that we’re getting something more interactive? A game maybe? Purely speculation, of course, but one can hope.

Stay tuned for more news on Jurassic World as more develops here at DHTG.

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