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Jurassic World 2: Pratt and Darkness and Dinosaurs…Oh My!

written by Robin Anderson October 18, 2016
Chirs Pratt and dinosaur lovingly reenacting the "flying" scene from Titanic

Let me tell ya somethin’, there are so many things in this world that get old after a while. Candy Crush invites, shaving, screaming children… but if there is one sacred thing on this planet, it is this: Chris Pratt and Dinosaurs in Jurassic World.

Jurassic World Chirs Pratt and dinosaur lovingly reenacting the "flying" scene from Titanic

This is why I am proud to announce that there are some wonderful details that have surfaced regarding the Jurassic World sequel. Strap in to your GyroSphere because your mind is about to be tyrannosaurus REKT!

Jurassic World 2: The Dark Side of the Trilogy

As we know, the Jurassic World series is confirmed to be a trilogy, with the second film being released June 22nd 2018. According to the director, Bayona, it will be a much darker film that focuses on the abuse of the dinosaurs – with them potentially being weaponized, as discussed in the first Jurassic World. While we all agree that any animal abuse is just ‘pteroble’ and ‘jurassick’, I have no doubt that this film will be absolutely wonderful and will make your heart ‘saur’.

“It will be darker and scarier then the previous film. Obviously when you have Chris Pratt it will also be very funny. But it will be darker. It is a second step in a trilogy, and the second step is always dark as in ‘The Empire Strikes back or the ‘Wrath of Khan’ which are the examples you always get. The film takes the story where it has never been before. To me it surprised me. We are going to places where the saga has never been before, and at the same time we are paying tribute to the franchise. We will take it a step further. There are things that will happen that people are not expecting and they really are shocking.” – Bayona

If the promises of a movie compared to ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ isn’t enough for you to be Raptor around his finger, then I don’t know if this is your cup of tea (rex).

Rise of the Planet of the Dinosaur Debate?

Furthermore, Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow had much to say on this dino-mite movie as well. Apparently this movie will be the first movie to go off the path of ‘people running around for their dear life until they are dino-sore’ and onto new and uncharted territory. Who knows what exactly this could mean – but I am more than willing to place my trust in any movie with Chris Pratt.

Tervorrow then expanded upon the previously mentioned animal abuse and went into some very controversial topics that the movie will address:

“The dinosaurs will be a parable of the treatment animals receive today: the abuse, medical experimentation, pets, having wild animals in zoos like prisons, the use the military has made of them – animals as weapons.”

Depending on how Jurassic World 2 brings this up, it may re-popularize the never-ending debate on our current Zoos, as well as the always present discussion on whether animal testing should be permitted or not.


Potentially controversial topics or not, this movie will surely be at least nearly as popular as the first Jurassic World and will no doubt have us at the edge of our seats yet again!

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