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Justice detoured, Batman tries dance off to escape police. VIDEO

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. May 20, 2016

It's Batman dancing for justice

Here we go, Batman is again on the lam from the police. Not the Gotham City Police but the local cops in Monroe, Georgia. He runs down an alley and whoopsy, he’s surrounded. Not good for the Dark Knight and his quest for justice. What happens next is quite the surprise, he throws down some sick moves in his epic dance off to distract the coppers.

The video is a fun little project put together by the City of Monroe in honor of the latest challenge to hit the web, the Running Man Challenge. While the dance off isn’t quite Peter Quill distraction level for the turd nuggets, it’s still neat and might bring a smile to your faces. Batman does his best to escape but they police may finally one up him this time. Justice must prevail!

The Monroe Police issued a challenge to their fellow EMS, Fire and Rescue to participate. I’d say they brought it with their capture of the Caped Crusader. While this is the first Running Man Challenge video I’ve seen, I know people are starting to get into it. Soon, all of our Facebook feeds will be full of clips and throw downs. I’d like to see someone challenge a Justice of the Peace now.

The City of Monroe Police Department accepted the challenge to participate in the “running man challenge” movement that is currently going around the country. It is important to remember that law enforcement officers are human and that they do interact together as a family during their time away from their personal families. Finding a small moment, like the one displayed here, to laugh and have fun is a rare opportunity that should be commemorated and not ridiculed in that their efforts are extremely dangerous and constantly have to endure extreme mental and physical stress on a daily basis. Please enjoy and remember to support your local public safety agencies (Fire, EMS, Police, etc.)

Enjoy the video below and watch it to they very end to see the fate of Batman. It might not be what you think.


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