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Justice League Dark Receives a Script Rewrite Order from Warner Bros.

written by Jordan Cobb August 25, 2017

The never-ending saga to get Justice League Dark into theaters continues on.

Originally set to be done by Guillermo del Toro since 2012, the attempts of a live-action adaptation of the team consisting of the most prominent magical and fantastical characters in the DC Universe has hit multiple road bumps. del Toro intended to head up the project but dropped out due to other commitments and then the honors went to Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity, Edge of Tomorrow) until he dropped out of the project himself.

But given the numerous amount of projects both Warner Bros. and DC Comics want to produce as part of the DC Extended Universe, including a new set of films set outside of the DCEU itself, it feels safe to say that Justice League Dark has fallen a bit by the wayside in terms of importance for both sides right now.

That would explain why its been reported that the film has once again been rewritten by a different script writer. Justin Kroll of Variety has let out that Justice League Dark is currently being rewritten by Jon Spaihts (Doctor Strange, Passengers). Spaihts is the latest writer brought on to the project after John-Henry Butterworth (Edge of Tomorrow, Get on Up), DC Comics writer Peter Tomasi of Batman and Robin and Superman, and Michael Gillio (Kwik Stop).

Justice League Dark first came about as one of the debut books of the DC New 52 back in 2011. It gained a cult following among many readers. Magic has always been a huge aspect of the DC Universe and it finally dawned upon the company then to create a team consisting of its most famous magical characters. An animated film featuring the team did come out earlier this year, but that’s about it when it comes to adaptations right now.

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