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What If Katniss Was Never The Mockingjay??

written by Quinzel Lee March 21, 2017
Katniss sitting in chair

Sometimes I just randomly drift off in thought and one of them hits me like a bus (like two years too late, but I digress). Bear with me: What if Katniss was never the Mockingjay? What if she didn’t survive The Hunger Games? Or if, the arrow missed Rue and hit Katniss instead?

What if…Rue was the Mockingjay?

rue in blue dress as the mockingjay

Imagine it, Rue was one of the most resourceful tributes. One who could escape almost any hairy situation (I mean, except arrows, I’m a terrible person for bringing that up). One who had the potential to outwit the Capitol, even at the young age of twelve.

Unfortunately, I imagine her family would still meet the same fate as they did in Catching Fire. As if that scene wasn’t gut wrenching enough for Katniss, imagine it with Rue. I imagine President Snow would be evil enough to kill her entire family right in front of her.

I think that Thresh would survive as well, being as he was still alive at the time they announced the game changing rule. It would actually be nice to get a break from the budding romance of Katniss and Peeta and see a male and female onscreen just enjoy each other as friends. I feel like Thresh would have such a loving, protective, brotherly outlook for Rue.

Thresh and Rue being complete opposites would also make the story even more interesting. Thresh, with his large stature and great strength, Rue, with her sweet innocence but obviously knowledgeable beyond her years, would showcase an amazing Yin and Yang partnership. Just look at how cute these two look during the red carpet premiere. Wouldn’t they make an awesome duo?

stars of hunger games standing next to each other on red carpet

With Rue’s hiding skills that she displayed early on in training, I bet she would have no problem sneaking her way through District 12’s traps during The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. However, if Thresh meets the same fate as Bogs did, I am completely nope-ing out of this alternate universe.

What do you guys think of Rue being the Mockingjay? Is there another character that you feel is worthy of being The Almighty Mockingjay? I’d be interested to hear your ideas. Sound off in the comments below!

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