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Kickstarter Funded Game Perception is Coming to PlayStation 4

written by Jordan Cobb January 18, 2017

When BioShock developer Irrational Games did a major restructuring of their studio, many wondered what would be next. Well a bunch of former employees thought, “Hey why don’t we make our own horror game?” and thus we now have Perception.

Funded on Kickstarter, the game was developed by studio The Deep End who has announced that they are bringing the game to Sony for the PlayStation 4. If you don’t know much about Perception, the game has you play as Cassie Thornton, a blind woman making her way through a Massachusetts mansion that is occupied “the presence.” You’ll only have a walking stick and smartphone as your tools and most importantly, your hearing since every tap from the walking stick and sound will create visualizations that will illuminate your surroundings.

You can take a look at the trailer for it yourself below.

For those that just couldn’t get enough of the cat-and-mouse thrills of Alien: Isolation, well I think you got a new game to play. The game does also look certifiably creepy, which when you got people from BioShock working on this, you’d expect. The lead on this game is BioShock Infinite design director Bill Gardner.

Perception has also been announced for the PC in addition to the PS4, but right now no release date has been announced for either one, but there is still a chance it could be on XBox One as well.

What do you think of Perception? Does it look cool? What game you looking forward to most in 2017? Let us know in the comments below!

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