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Why are we Kickstarting potato salad?

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. July 5, 2014


You know Kickstarter is supposed to be a force for good and I know it’s had its share of bad but are we really using it to fund a batch of potato salad? Yes, yes people are. Creator Zack “Danger” Brown was basically too cheap to pony up the $10 needed to make his first batch of the delicious picnic staple so he approached the crowd funding site to get donors to do it for him. Really you ask? Again I say yes.

Danger Brown, because nobody has ever called themselves Danger before – EVER, came up with some rather…ahhh…odd incentives to get backers including Thank You notes, spots in his kitchen while he makes said salad, your name carved into a potato set to be murdered in the name of the salad and even saying the donor’s name while whipping up the potatoey goodness. His stretch goals included a pizza party and renting out a hall to invite the internet for a salad party. Nothing says good idea like inviting the internet to a party, you know someone is going to show up without pants.

Sadly, or happily for Brown, he’s achieved his goal of 10 bucks and so far surpassed it by $1,584. I don’t know who that speaks volumes about, the absurdity of Brown or the stupidity of strangers to throw money away at stupid ideas. 28 people have backed him at the $25 range, sure it’s just a spare 25 singles but man I could think of plenty of good things to put that to use. I think I’m gonna start my own project and just say I’m making a video of my wife making me a ham sammich. See who all backs me.

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