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“The Killing Joke” Film, and More

written by Xelina July 12, 2015


After the premier of Justice League: Gods and Monsters at San Diego Comic Con, DC  announced three new animated films.

Two of the films are without much detail, they will feature original stories, and are named;
Batman: Bad Blood, which will feature Batwoman, and

Justice League vs. Titans, which will feature the Teen Titans.

The third film, which many fans have spent years hoping for, is The Killing Joke. The popular graphic novel of the same name features one possible origin story for The Joker, as well as the shooting and paralysis of Barbara Gordon (Batgirl), which eventually leads her to become Oracle. It can be assumed that The Killing Joke movie will follow the lead of Assault on Arkham, and Justice League: Gods and Monsters, in catering to a more mature audience.

All three new movies are set to be released in 2016.

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