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Kimmy’s Weekend at Walker Stalker Con San Francisco

written by kimmyink90 February 7, 2015


Over the past weekend, on January 31st and February 1st, I had the awesome opportunity to check out Walker Stalker Con in San Francisco (#WSCSF).  The convention was being held at San Francisco’s Fort Mason and boy was it an awesome experience!

Just so you guys get the chance to see the kind of experience I had there, I’m going to break the experiences down in a few sections.  First, I’ll cover cosplay at the convention, then celebrities, vendors, and lastly (but not least), the fans I saw while I was there.  I want to say up front I’m not a professional photographer so a couple of these photos I’m sharing with you turned out a bit fuzzy, but hopefully you enjoy them anyway!

If you don’t already know, I’m a big fan of The Walking Dead, both comic and show.  When I heard I was going to Walker Stalker Con in San Francisco for DHTG, I did a little dance.  I knew that I would be surrounded by all things “dead” and that I had to contain my fan-girling when meeting the celebrities.

The cosplay there was phenomenal!  I didn’t expect much seeing as it might be difficult to cosplay characters from the show, but somehow a very big handful of people showed up looking just like them!  Of course, there were also Walkers who were masterfully put together.  Super creepy!  Check out the photos!

Rocker Walker:WSCSF40Clown Walker from our nightmares:WSCSF37Reel Guise as The Walking Dead characters:WSCSF38I wouldn’t want to cross paths with this Walker:WSCSF31Gender swapped turning Merle Dixon and Daryl Dixon:WSCSF28Ready for action:WSCSF17Rosita and Kyle Williamson as The Governor:WSCSF12Charles Pinckney as Classy Walker:WSCSF5

The celebs were definitely busy most of the day meeting fans and conversing at panels.  It was really cool to see them and interact with them.  WSC promises to make this convention all about the fans and they have impressed me by really stepping up to fulfill that promise.  Many cheers would burst from crowds in font of each booth as each of the celebrities came trickling in.  It was almost weird seeing some them outside of character and especially the scary ones like Gareth (a cannibal)!

Speaking of Gareth, I did get a chance to meet Andrew West (who plays Gareth) and he was as charming as can be.  I promise you he is not as scary in person than he is on the show.  I did, however, had to resist asking him whether or not I looked good enough to eat.  (I’m quite the plump!)  Check out the pictures I got!

Andrew West (The Walking Dead‘s Gareth):

Chandler Riggs (The Walking Dead‘s Carl Grimes):

Sarah Wayne Callies (The Walking Dead‘s Lori Grimes):

Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead‘s Shane Walsh):

Christian Serratos (The Walking Dead‘s Rosita Espinosa):

Scott Wilson (The Walking Dead‘s Hershel Greene):

I’m pretty sure Mr. Wilson was telling me to get off of his farm…  But then he smiled at me so maybe he changed his mind.

David Morrissey (The Walking Dead‘s The Governor):

Jeff Kober (The Walking Dead‘s Joe):

Melissa Hutchison (The Voice of Clementine from Telltale’s The Walking Dead):

Lawrence Gillard Jr. (The Walking Dead‘s Bob Stookey):

Tyler James Williams (The Walking Dead‘s Noah):

Noel Gugliemi (The Walking Dead‘s Felipe):

Mackenzie Lintz (The Hunger Games and Under the Dome) and Madison Lintz (The Walking Dead‘s Sophie Peletier):

Alanna Masterson (The Walking Dead‘s Tara Chambler):

Michael Cudlitz (The Walking Dead‘s Abraham Ford):

Kyla Kenedy (The Walking Dead‘s Mika Samuels):

Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street‘s Freddy Krueger):

Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead‘s Merle Dixon and Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy):

Jay Bonansinga (Co-Author of New York Time’s bestselling Walking Dead series):

Many other celebrities such as Emily Kinney (Beth Greene) and Steven Yeun (Glenn Rhee) were there, but I hadn’t gotten the chance to get photos of them.  However, you will see at least those two later on in the article, so keep reading!

Unfortunately, Greg Nicotero (executive producer and special effects make-up designer for AMC’s The Walking Dead) had to cancel last-minute, however, he did leave some of his props behind for everyone to see.  Thank you Mr. Nicotero!

Michonne’s Walkers:

Greene Farm Well Walker:

Rick Grime’s First Encounter/Bicycle Walker:

Along with the cool displays and celebrity booths, there was a whole designated section for vendors.  I had the chance to peruse the isles checking out all of the booths.  There were many sketch artists, special effects make-up artists, and vendors of all sorts of The Walking Dead memorabilia.  If you are a big fan of The Walking Dead you might as well have died and…  Well turned into a Walker, but you could have also died and gone to heaven at this place.

Photo of Chris Thorne:

Special effects make-up:

Background set up for pictures:

I took advantage of the food trucks there at the convention.  They had around six different food trucks there so there was definitely a variety of food to choose from.  The one food truck I went to was Adam’s Grub Truck (an Asian fusion food truck) and it was super good!  I had a juicy Draco (fried chicken topped with Asian coleslaw on a brioche bun) with a side of waffle fries topped with corn beef hash, a fried egg, and a dino chicken nugget while my boyfriend had a Double Dragon (fried chicken topped with pulled pork and Asian coleslaw on a brioche bun).  I’d die to get their food again!  I took a picture for you so you all can be jealous and drool over the deliciousness we enjoyed!

Draco on the left and Double Dragon on the right, baby!

Oh and here’s Adam with his truck.  He’s super cool!

You can see all the food trucks and fans waiting in line to get some grub and enjoy the celebs that came on the outside stage.  It was killer to get up the steps to where this view was, but totally worth it.  Can you believe this is only half of the convention site?!  I’m telling you, it was huge and there were a TON of fans!  Walker Stalker Con did choose a great venue though.  For their first time in San Francisco, this was definitely a good place to be!


Last, but certainly not least, the fans.  Wowie, there were a ton of fans here.  In fact, the convention sold out of their general admission tickets so you can imagine how many people were there…  TOO MANY TO COUNT, THAT’S HOW MANY!  It wasn’t so crowded that you couldn’t get around very well, believe me.  I managed to get around from building to building very easily, but the panel lines did fill up fast and grew very long.  The lines outside to get into the vendor buildings and to see the celebs got long, but even then it didn’t take long for those who were waiting to get in and out.


Panel stage:

If Walker Stalker Con is in your area, you can actually sign up to volunteer.  Some fans of The Walking Dead volunteered to help manage crowds, help celebs, and helped fans with information we needed to know.  It was definitely appreciated that they had so many volunteers.  They were definitely very helpful!


I spotted some fans wearing themed shirts that support a cause called The Walking Hope.  The Walking Hope is a community of fans of The Walking Dead.  They are helping those who are fighting cancer and they support American Cancer Society (ACS).  Bradley Egel, founder of The Walking Hope, designs these shirts and hoodies for fans to buy while proceeds go towards ACS.  One of the fans, Piper Smith who supports The Walking Hope and American Cancer Society (ACS), managed to collect signatures by the celebrities on one of the designed hoodies on behalf of Detroit Zombie Apocalypse (a “charitable organization that hosts the annual entertainment event to raise funds and awareness for causes and charities” according to their Facebook).





*Photo credit:  Piper Smith

Oh look!  And as I promised, here’s a picture of Emily Kinney (The Walking Dead‘s Beth Greene) and Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead’s Glenn Rhee) signing the hoodie!



*Photo credit:  Piper Smith

At the end of the weekend, I was pooped!  It was definitely a convention worth going to for both days.  I would highly recommend that if you are a big fan of The Walking Dead that you check out Walker Stalker Con’s website and find a convention that will take place near you!  This convention has catered to the fans by including celebrity and fan meet and greets, photos ops, and vendors!  I will definitely look forward to Walker Stalker Con if they decide to return to San Francisco again next year.

What do you think geeks?  Would you die to get a chance to go to one of these conventions and meet your favorite The Walking Dead celebrity?  Let us know in the comments below!

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