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Kingdom Hearts III to Feature Big Hero 6

written by Peter Rivera August 17, 2015

A lot of exciting news has been coming out of Disney’s D23 2015 Expo. From news about Star Wars and Marvel films to shows and games it’s a great time to be a fan. Kingdom Hearts fans were hoping some more news would be presented regarding to long, long, long anticipated Kingdom Hearts III and that is exactly what we received. It might be only a small amount of news, but it’s still great news as a world based on the Big Hero 6 film has been confirmed for the game.

There have been a lot Disney animated films since the release of Kingdom Hearts II (and Dream Drop Distance for that matter) so there are a ton of worlds for Square Enix to play with and hopefully will learn more about them as the year progresses. Look forward to hanging out with Bay Max and the rest of the gang when Kingdom Hearts III launches…whenever.


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