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Kohl’s has Men’s Star Wars shoes and they are on Sale

written by Antony "Tony_the_Brit" C. May 16, 2016
Star Wars Shoes

Kohl’s has Star Wars shoes for men! This is so ridiculously awesome I can barely contain myself. I’m going to, but just barely. There’s Star Wars Shoes! Finally, someone noticed that adults wear graphic tees too, and cosplay, and would probably love to wear shoes that declare them to be Star Wars fans. Now they just need to do Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, Transformers (not the movies), Star Trek, Dr Who, Game of Thrones, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, etc. (What would your list be?)

Finally, Star Wars shoes for Men!

There are some seriously cool looking shoes out there, especially in the kid’s sizes. Kids shoes are awesome. Shoes that light up. Shoes that have practical alternatives to laces. Best of all they have shoes covered in our favorite fandoms. Everything from My Little Pony to IronMan. I’ve tortured myself a few times falling in love with the nerdiest/geekiest pair of shoes I have ever seen, and then hunted through the Men’s aisle to see if someone in marketing has finally realised that grown-ups like that stuff too. Seriously, why has nobody thought of this sooner?

I digress. The Star Wars Hyperspace Men’s Slip-On Sneakers are even on sale right now, just $20 down from $50! I highly recommend you get a pair, or 5, even if you don’t like Star Wars (as if that were possible). Encourage this trend. We need our favorite Movies, Tv shows, Video Games and Comics clearly displayed on our shoes. Why should kids have all the fun?

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