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Kojimi Productions Reveals the Actual Face of the New Mascot

written by Leda "Ancient Hero" N. June 7, 2016

Kojima Productions revealed a picture of their Mascot Ludens on June 6th, 2016 with the words “I’ll keep coming.” Kojima has confirmed one thing with this sentence “This is not a screenshot.” So we know this is not an official screenshot from the mysterious game coming out at an unknown date. All we know is that it will release on PS4 and Microsoft. We also know this game will be the first game not associated with Konami. However, Hideo Kojima—the creator of Metal Gear—has in fact teased that his mysterious game will appeal to people who like Uncharted and The Division as well as he hopes it will inspire more sequels, movies, and a toy line.



While the new Mascot above is not a screenshot we may be able to assume Ludens may be concept art for a character. He almost looks almost like a member of the early Brotherhood of Steel from Fallout. Therefore, can we guess this game may be in a dystopian setting? The skull mask also looks like it can be a breathing apparatus adding to the theory this unknown game may be set in a dystopian world like Fallout and Division.

We can all agree the new Mascot looks amazing and we can look forward to finding out who the mysterious Ludens is. If not a screenshot, is this a teaser poster for his upcoming project? Or is this just a twist to throw us off the scent of what this mysterious new game by Kojima Productions is? Can you see any more secret messages hidden in this mascot reveal? Let us know in the comments.

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