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Kotobukiya Mass Effect: Tali-Zorah Bishoujo 1:7 Scale Figure Review

written by Liana "LiLi" R. April 5, 2016


Kotobukiya does it again with their new line of bishoujo statues featuring fan favourite, and extremely popular love interest, Tali Zorah Vas Normandy. This loveable Quarian machinist comes to life with a breathtaking character interpretation by the esteemed illustrator; Shunya Yamashita.With their new line, Kotobukiya teamed up with Bioware to create two versions of this beautiful statue: The Standard Edition and the Bioware Exclusive Edition. So what’s the difference between the two?

The Standard Edition is 100% game accurate with the suit design and the colours. It’s important to note that the pose and armor sets are exactly the same for both figures. The Bioware Exclusive Edition is a special paint variant from the traditional royal purple that Tali is normally seen in. In the exclusive, the paint of the main armor is a muted violet with grey undertones and the colour of the belt is a bright yellow.


Standard Edition


Though completely stationary, master illustrator Yamashita is brilliant with creating dynamic poses. Upon opening, the hand placement with her gun, the graceful movement pose, and the overall detail of the character were nothing less than perfect. The character’s armor is one of the most intricate in the series with the subtle design in the fabric all the way down to the way her armor hugs the unique Quarian body-type. To see the care embedded in capturing that detail is evident immediately. The gun, modeled after the in-game Quarian Reegar Carbine, is game-accurate and each singular detail hand crafted.


Another feature that struck out at me that other manufactures in the past have failed to use is the semi-opaque violet face shield and respirator. In the game, the player never sees Tali’s real face but there was always a faint outline of features through her mask. Many manufactures in the past had a simple purple, completely solid shield that took that bit of authenticity away from the figure. That’s not the case with the bishoujo line and that small detail makes the world of difference. The vague outline of facial features adds to the mystery of her character and creates a unique experience between piece and collector.


The paint detailing is extraordinary. There was no bleeding, fading, or any blemishes of any kind on both editions that I received. From the individual shell casings, to the details in her utility belt, everything about this figure screams care and an impeccable attention to detail.


This figure stands just over 9 inches tall and weighs just over 2 pounds. As mentioned earlier, this statue is completely stationary but with the dynamism of the pose, these pieces work amazingly well with other figures in the same series: Female Commander Shepard and Liara T’soni.

The price for this figure is $89.99 and there were only 2,000 units made. The standard edition can be found on Amazon but the Bioware Exclusive can only be purchased through their store online.

Bottom line? Completely worth it! The price hits the nail on the head, it is worth every cent. Whether a hardcore Tali fan or a casual enjoyer of the Mass Effect trilogy, this piece is an outstanding addition to any collection.


Excited for both!

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