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Kotobukiya’s Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens Captain Phasma Figure REVIEW

written by Liana "LiLi" R. May 7, 2016

If you follow my reviews, you know how big of a fan I am of Kotobukiya. With the passing of Star Wars Day this May 4th, it was only fitting that I splurged and added a very under-utilised character to my collection: Captain Phasma from Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.


Captain Phasma was a character in the latest film of the franchise that despite being set up to be an epic villain, ended up being incredibly under-utilised and overseen. As the commanding officer of the First Order, she had the potential to be a villain to go down in respectable Star Wars history. Kotobukiya gave this potentially amazing character some added depth by bringing her to life with this 1/10 scale ARTFX Statue.

The figure itself comes with interchangeable pieces including different arm sets, her gun seen in the movie, as well as a removable cape. This piece also comes with a magnetic base to provide stability for the character’s stance.¬†Though completely stationary, the figure can be put in a few different poses given the interchangeable arms. Whether at ease or ready to go hunt some traitors, Phasma stands proud in her uniquely chromatic armor.

Usually Kotobukiya sets the standard for superb detailing and craftsmanship but as much as I looked forward to this piece, it was severely underdone. The lower price point does not justify the vast difference between the display armour paint and the actual figure itself. Had the figure been given the detail in the display pictures with the rustic, almost matte, finish to the armor, it would have taken this piece to the next level but as the piece is currently, it is given a cheapened feel by the use of the poor quality metallic silver coating.

The plastic of the figure as a whole is also patchy in various places and for such a small figure, it is extremely noticeable. The detailing to the helmet is phenomenal, however, and is truly done to character and given the appropriate proportions to the rest of the body. I will state that the perceived fabric underneath the chrome armor does have the right amount of creases and folds to give the illusion that an under-fabric is present beneath the armor as a whole.


For the materials used, a plastic blend, for the cape – the detailing is appreciated as is the limited mobility of it to give the illusion of fabric from a far. Kotobukiya has never shied away from using differing materials in the past so I would have loved to see them incorporate a thick fabric or some other filler to break up the piece a little bit more.

The blaster, the armor, and the overall figure is movie accurate with a few hits and misses throughout the overall finished product, though for the smaller 1/10 scale size and the price point it is offered, the few aesthetic flaws can be overlooked for the most part – especially for fans of the series.

You can find this iconic character at the link below for $69.99


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