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Kroger to Advance Grocery Delivery With Driver-less Cars

written by Katelyn Fiorentino July 2, 2018
Kroger driverless cars delivery system

The world is always advancing, and apparently so is grocery delivery. Kroger decided to incorporate driver-less cars into their delivery system. Hopefully, this means you’ll get your boxed macaroni and cheese in a more efficient way.

What this means for Kroger

This grocery store recently announced their partnership with Nuro. Nuro is a self-driving car company, whose vehicles will help in Kroger’s grocery delivery. They have continued to advance their online grocery business, as well. The online grocer, Ocado, has been added to their investments. The addition of driver-less car delivery was just the cherry on top.

Kroger driver-less car delivery system

In this case, the concept of self-driving cars is supposed to ease the delivery process and outcome. It is meant to take on the challenge of “last mile delivery,” as said by CNBC.

It is a feat that is particularly perilous when dealing with fragile products like fresh food… further complicated by populations that vary wildly across the U.S., with some far less dense that others.

There’s potential obstacles in this attempt at advancement. With the changing demographics and time needed, this store has plenty to consider. However, Kroger and Nuro will start their partnership in the fall.

Expanding food delivery

Food delivery services are all the rage now. Getting everything done online has become the norm. As far as delivery services go, Postmates has taken the cake with popularity. Even Walmart joined in, and partnered up with the delivery company. So, online grocery shopping continues to expand. Many companies are no longer relying on just physical stores.

This company is sure taking big leaps in their advancements. Do you think the use of self-driving cars for food delivery services is necessary? Also, what has been your experience with online grocery shopping? Let us know your thoughts on the growing world of tech in the comments!

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