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Krypton – Pilot | DHTG Review

written by Jordan Cobb March 22, 2018
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Here we are again with more of Superman on TV, except no Superman yet. No Smallville hasn’t rebooted, we’re talking about Krypton. Yes, the home planet for the Man of Steel, SyFy has debuted it brand new original series following the lives of those on the doomed planet of the Man of Tomorrow.

Krypton follows Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) as he tries to restore the good honor and name of the House of El, trying to save the planet before its doomed.

Krypton Council

Upon first glance, Krypton sounds like the Superman equal of Gotham, at least to me. Yes, we know how the story ends, what comes next, etc., but it can be entertaining right? Well seeing as I find Gotham as enjoyable as a root canal, there’s a steep hill to climb. Gotham had promise, but its level of scripting quickly betrayed it and with Krypton, I can at least say it has a shot.

Krypton is the latest among of Superman based television shows and actually exploring the home planet for the character does set it apart, aside from not featuring Superman himself. The other show one can directly compare it to is Smallville given the nature of both shows being about Superman before Superman. An advantage Krypton has though is being on a cable network like SyFy whereas Smallville was done on The WB where you’re more or less often required to have 20+ episodes a season. Krypton has been ordered for 10 so it’ll be interesting to see where it goes.

As for the first episode itself, well its okay. Not every pilot episode of a show will knock it out of the park. Few pilots like for Arrested Development, The Wire, Twin Peaks, The Sopranos, or The West Wing even will stick the landing. Krypton has a bit of a struggle getting off the ground with some pacing issues and its direction, but it’s not terrible.

Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El is compelling enough for a lead actor to command the screen, but its the supporting cast that really commands your attention. Particularly Georgina Campbell as Seg’s secret lover Lyta Zod, her mother Alura played by Ann Ogbomo, Shaun Sipos’s Adam Strange, and especially Ramus Hardiker as Kem, best friend to Seg.

These characters are the most compelling thanks to their respective actors, but also because of how well written they are, most noticeably Kem. He’s very entertaining and exciting as Seg’s BFF, yet the most considerable actors as well are guest stars Rupert Graves and Paula Malcomson as Seg’s parents, both strongly amazing and memorable despite their one-off appearances. Adam Strange, I’m still surprised to see as of our main characters, but a great one given how he stands out among the citizens of Krypton.

While Brainiac isn’t in the pilot itself, his presence alone is felt as the oncoming storm that will soon consume Kandor for his own personal collection.

As a beginning, Krypton starts off well enough to begin a new look at the Superman mythology, but it has a ways to go.

What did think of the pilot episode? What are your hoping for the series? Let us know in the comments!

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