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‘Krypton’ Season 1, Episode 3: “The Rankless Initiative” | DHTG Review

written by Jordan Cobb April 5, 2018
Krypton - Soldier

Krypton‘s third episode offers up at least our first real look at our main antagonist Brainiac, but that alone isn’t enough to save it from being mediocre.

While “The Rankless Initiative” builds upon what was established last week, it feels stunted in its overall progression. Sure, Brainiac’s presence is bigger now, but it feels like the show is spinning its wheels.

Opening of Krypton Episode 3

The most compelling story this week is Lyta and the difficulty she faces in her new role as the commander of the Kryptonian military. The struggle to lead a more peaceful unit is proven difficult when rolling out the Rankless Initiative on – let’s face it – the poor part of Kandor. Seg and Lyta butting heads is actually the most exciting they’ve been together for me really. Seeing some conflict within their forbidden love gave it some weight this week, and boy did it need a shot in the arm. Georgina Campbell is truly standing out yet again on the show, and it’s some really inspired work.

Clearly a mirror being held up to the financial inequality of our real world, the main plot doesn’t work. Also, not enough is made about the Black Zero threat. It really does feel like a plot device meant to drive the story forward and kind of helps to drag the episode down, even with the consequences it addresses.

Rhom on Krypton

The star of this episode, however, is guest star Alexis Raben as Rhom, the host for Brainiac for the time being. It’s an unfortunate turn for a woman simply trying to provide for her daughter. Rhom has been in the background the past couple of episodes but gets the spotlight put on her this week to move our main plot along. Raben as Brainiac was certainly a personal highlight for me. It also gave Cameron Cuffe more chances to show off his range as Seg. One can certainly relate to confronting a friend in any personal way. However, I’m sure none of us have needed to talk down a friend from being an alien host. I’m pretty sure, I hope.

Shaun Sipos, however, remains the best thing about the show overall, as I am charmed by his portrayal of Adam Strange. The negotiation at the black market is particularly entertaining. He uses his wits about him somewhere he is badly out of place in. Even I thought the price to buy Brainiac’s beacon was too high for fictional currency.

Oh yeah, and Blake Ritson appears as Brainiac, but in just a cameo for the end of the episode. Hooray.

Honestly, this episode was the weakest by far in Krypton‘s short run. It was a weak story that only had short sprinklings of better stories to come down the line, but overall to me, a failure.

What did you think of the episode of Krypton? Agree? Disagree? Sound off in the comments!

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