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Las Vegas Wedding: If Ya Like It, Then Ya Shoulda Put A Chalupa On It

written by Quinzel Lee March 5, 2017
bride holding taco bell bouquet

Vegas is known for weddings you won’t see anywhere else. From the infamous Elvis weddings to saying “I do” on a roller coaster, they’ve got non-traditional couples covered. And now, there’s a new kind of Vegas wedding in town. Let’s just say, it rings a bell!

The rumors are true and now your cravings for true love and gorditas can be satisfied. The Taco Bell 24 hour Cantina in Las Vegas is now featuring a wedding chapel! If you gotta satisfy that craving at 1:30 in the morning or find yourself waking up from a coma and asking for it, this wedding is the one for you.

For $600 (that’s a lot of tacos!) Taco Bell has the whole wedding covered! Along with a full ceremony and officiant, the wedding package comes with Taco Bell champagne flutes and Just Married t-shirts. The couple can also spice things up with a Taco Bell bow tie and garter.

What’s a wedding without cake? The wedding cake is done by Cinnabon Delights and the bride receives a wedding bouquet made of…wait for it… sauce packets.

If you’re not convinced that this is the best (and most delicious) idea yet because you’re imagining committing to the love of your life in a place that looks a lot like your hometown Taco Bell, think again!

According to Taco Bell’s website, the 24 hour Cantina and wedding chapel “…features a new, modernized design and unique artwork. In true Las Vegas fashion, the restaurant will also include a VIP lounge and DJ booth.”

The restaurant is two stories tall, has an open kitchen where you can drool over your Chalupas being made, and did I mention the alcohol? Booze and burritos all under one roof!

600 bones still sound kind of steep for a crunch-alicious wedding? Taco Bell has a contest going on where you can be the first couple to get married in their wedding chapel. All. Expenses. Paid. And yes it includes tacos. You can enter the contest or learn more about it by clicking here:

Bride and groom wearing mr and mrs t shirts at vegas wedding

Well, what are you waiting for? Grab your sweetie and some extra napkins, and go Live mas!

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